Stomach churning, mouth watering and lip licking actions: This is the NeNe effect.

“NeNe” simply means “Yes! Yes” in Korean and our network of stores have been serving authentic Korean fried chicken since 1999. With over 1,000 stores across South Korea; today at the heart of our business lies a sense of excitement that translates in the combination of quality produce and memorable service to everyday Australians.

At NeNe Chicken our customers have come to expect deliciously marinated, moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside pieces of chicken served with their choice of Korean sauces that truly represents the culture. Order online or drop into any of our stores for your made-to-order NeNe experience.



24 Jun 2019

Mondays don't have to suck with our delish MTW Deal: 2 Thighs + 1 Wing + 1 Small Chips for only $9.95! Is it Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday yet...? 😩 We can't wait! . . . . . T&C’s Apply ✔️Only Available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ✔️NT store it is $10.95 and 1 Thigh + 1 Wing + Small...

21 Jun 2019

Salt bae who? 💁‍♀️ We've got SNOWING CHEESE BAE! For when that Tinder date doesn't go so well, Snowing Cheese Bae is here to comfort you and love you like nobody else...

19 Jun 2019

We're giving away 23 KARAT GOLD covered fried chicken this National Fried Chicken Day! 🏆 Simply be one of the first 100 in line at 12pm at all participating NeNe stores (check the T&C below for full details) and we will draw a raffle for 5 lucky winners to strike gold! Plus...whether you're a...

18 Jun 2019

NeNe means 'Yes, Yes' in Korean, and there's nothing else we'd rather be saying when we look at our mouthwatering wingettes, covered in crispy batter with a zesty garlic tang. Tag a mate that needs some more NeNe in their life! 🍗

17 Jun 2019

Our STRIKE GOLD 23 Karat chicken is featured on Concrete Playground Melbourne today! Want to read more about the 100 FREE ORIGINAL FRIED CHICKEN and GOLDEN CHICKEN we are giving out on June 6 for National Fried Chicken Day...? Simply click the link below to learn more!