Couple says 'yes yes' to following their dreams

A long-held resolution has led a couple to achieve their dream of opening their own shop.

The first NSW franchise of popular South Korean brand NeNe Chicken opened at Macquarie Centre on December 10, with queues of customers lining up to sample one of the 1000 tasting boxes that were given away.

It was a successful first day for a brand that had previously not existed in the state — and an impressive start for first-time business owners Fan and Howard.

So how did Fan and Howard, who work in data analytics and IT respectively, end up as restaurant owners?

It began with a long-held tradition for the Castle Hill couple, who annually take time to reflect on their achievements as well as their hopes and dreams for the future.

Howard’s dream for years had been to open his own shop, and finally in 2016 the couple decided to take the plunge.

In April their plans began to take shape, and by December they had achieved their goal of opening before Christmas...