Franchisee Spotlight NeNe Chicken George Street

A great testemonial from our multi-franchise holder, Allan Lam.

He is the owner of the NeNe Chicken George Street, Townhall (Wynyard) and the newly opened UNSW Sydney University Store.

As an entrepreneur running a successful engineering consultancy firm, I discovered NeNe Chicken, a Korean Fried Chicken brand, and embarked on an exciting and profitable franchise journey. Personally, the most interesting NeNe Franchise I obtained was NeNe at George street, Townhall (I now own several). This site had challenges due to its small and complex site location. I was able to approach the site constraints with the help of my engineering problem solving skills. This assisted the NeNe Chicken business development team to develop the site in accordance with NeNe store specifications. The timing was very fortunate as George Street quickly grew back the incredible foot traffic and is now the outlet with the highest sales in Australia.

NeNe Chicken's commitment to maintaining quality and the support team's dedication to upholding high standards motivated me to become a franchisee. In my opinion, the brand's excellent support from negotiating site leases, to training deployment to operational support with effective marketing strategies contribute to a sustainable and successful franchise business.

I am personally very happy with NeNe Chicken advertising and marketing. Franchisees, contribute portion of their sales to the national marketing fund. I believe this money is intelligently spend on behalf of franchisee.

NeNe Chicken's well-executed marketing strategy has boosted brand visibility, attracting an enthusiastic customer base.

Through effective marketing and advertising efforts, NeNe Chicken has successfully raised awareness of the brand among the public. Engaging in social media competitions (Lunar New Year lucky vouchers, Black Pink Concert tickets, Stray Kids Concert Tickets), events and promotions (Wednenesday Feast, National Fried Chicken Day, Student Discount), influencer collaborations, and in store advertising (New Flavours, MTW deals), online advertising (engagement with customers through social media platform and posting new upcoming location/ menu) has created a buzz around the brand, enticing customers to try NeNe Chicken. NeNe Chicken's commitment to delivering fresh experiences and introducing enticing menu items (K-balls, Wasabi Mayo Chips, Double Freaking Hot) keeps customers excited and wanting for more.