How NeNe Chicken is Driving Rapid Growth with Affordable Franchising Opportunities?

Established in South Korea in 1999, NeNe Chicken swiftly gained popularity as Australia’s most popular Korean fried chicken. By building a fast-food brand that everyone loves and trusts, we’ve established a strong presence across Australia with 40 outlets in just 10 years. The profitable NeNe Chicken Franchise Business Model with its’ affordable development price has enabled numerous NeNe Franchisees to become multiple outlet owners.

We have successfully expanded beyond NeNe’s home country of South Korea, by keeping the brand authentic to its’ Korean roots. The secret NeNe marinade, batter mix and sauces are all imported from NeNe Korea. It is also important to note that our marinated chicken is delivered fresh to the outlets, 6 times a week.

Our rapid growth can be attributed to our innovative industry leading fast-food franchising model. NeNe Chicken Franchise outlets COGS are lower than most of our competitors and new outlets are developed on a ‘cost plus model’ not turn-key. This keeps the cost of building a NeNe Outlet low, making it more affordable for the franchisee.


At NeNe Chicken, our business model is built on the foundation of creating a profitable and sustainable QSR business. We have developed a proven formula for growth that we share with all our franchisees, allowing them to thrive alongside us. Our COGS are lower than most of our competitors, which increases franchisee profitability and our focus on quality and as a result, enhances the customer experience.

Streamlined Franchising Model

One of the key factors driving NeNe Chicken's rapid growth is our affordable franchising opportunities. All of our outlets are developed on a ‘cost plus’ basis NOT turn-key. Many of our competitors use the turn-key approach which often includes a big fat profit margin for the franchisor. Not at NeNe!! At NeNe, we don’t receive any rebates or mark ups from shopfitters, architects or equipment suppliers. This keeps the cost of building a new NeNe outlet down!!! NeNe Chicken provides comprehensive support to franchisees, including assistance with site selection, staff training, marketing strategies, and ongoing operational guidance. NeNe’s carefully conceived and streamlined franchising model enables entrepreneurs to enter the highly competitive food industry with a lower initial investment and a higher chance of success.

Expansion and Adaptability

NeNe Chicken has successfully established a global presence, with franchise outlets in countries such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. We believe in adapting to different markets and cultures, while maintaining our core brand identity. We tailor our menu and marketing efforts to suit local preferences, ensuring that we resonate with customers in each unique location. Continuous market research plays a crucial role in identifying growth opportunities, allowing us to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Other factors that contribute to our rapid growth

  • The drive to succeed
  • Values that include integrity, trust and love of brand
  • Value proposition
  • Opportunities to improve process and continuously develop people
  • Strong marketing and advertising activities

Join us and embark on a rewarding journey by joining the NeNe Chicken franchise, where affordable opportunities, proven success, and a thriving market await to fuel your business growth!