Korean fried chicken fast food restaurant Nene Chicken opens in Darwin

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur or an established businessman looking for a lucrative business opportunity in the food industry, owning a NeNe Chicken franchise is an option you should put on the menu.

NeNe Chicken is a renowned and beloved fried chicken restaurant chain hailing from South Korea. The business boasts an impressive

What’s So Special About Korean Fried Chicken?
NeNe Chicken's Korean Fried Chicken’s claim to fame is its unique recipes. The fusion of a crispy, flavourful coating on succulent, tender pieces of fresh marinated chicken makes it irresistible. Other chains might talk about 'secret herbs and spices, but our recipes have them in spades! If you try NeNe Chicken we are confident you will experience something unique, fresh, and most importantly, delicious.