Korean fried chicken franchise recruiting for 20 outlets in 2017

A Korean fried chicken sensation has been fast-tracked to Australia, and the brand is recruiting for 20 new stores in 2017.

NeNe Chicken is set to expand to 20 outlets in 2017.

NeNe Chicken was established in South Korea in 1999 and currently has over 1000 outlets throughout the region. The franchise is now on Aussie shores.

"Australians have a traditional love affair with fried chicken," said Richard Godwin, master franchisor.

He said the key differences with NeNe Chicken are the marinate, batter mix and sauces which come directly from Korea, so customers experience the same taste in Australia.

"The chicken is marinated for a minimum of 16 hours before being delivered fresh to the outlet.This marinate increases the juiciness of the chicken meat and gives a mild, peppery flavour," he explained....