NeNe Chicken is Coming to Darwin!

NeNe Chicken, the undisputed Kings of super crunchy Korean fried chicken are now opening an outlet in 247 Trower Road, Casuarina, Darwin early September 2018. The Casuarina store will be the most northern store in Australia and takes the total of NeNe Chicken outlets to 14 stores in total.

NeNe Chicken is fried at a sizzling 175 degrees to become super crunchy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. Surprisingly, NeNe Korean fried chicken is served not only in the tasty ‘original’ flavour but offers an extensive selection of five other tantalizing flavour toppings as well. You can choose your own NeNe Korean Fried Chicken flavour taste explosions with original, snowing cheese, swicy, freakin’ hot or snowing vegetable. NeNe Korean Fried Chicken is also available in a boneless meat option too.

But wait, the choices don’t stop there! As NeNe loves to celebrate all that is Korean Fried Chicken they also offer their fried chicken devotes - burgers, fusion tacos, wingettes&drumettes, wraps, lunch box options and even soft serve (a choice of sesame or green tea flavours) for dessert. Also stay tuned for a proposed delivery service for NeNe Chicken, so you can get your delicious Korean fried NeNe Chicken delivered, succulent and spicy, direct to your door.

With locations across Australia, Korean fried chicken lovers can get their delicious fix of NeNe Chicken in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and now the Northern Territory....