NeNe Chicken, Melbourne CBD

MELBOURNE | Everyone loves Korean fried chicken right? Well NeNe Chicken is a fried chicken chain that’s been specialising in all sorts of combinations and permutations of the good stuff since 1999 in South Korean, and more recently in Australia. NeNe means Yes! Yes! in Korean, and is meant to represent your reaction to eating the crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside fried chicken that NeNe serve up.

The menu features things like the signatures Korean fried chicken with a range of coatings and sauces like original, black sesame, bulgogi, lemon, and freaking hot. There’s also wraps, burgers, and more recently, wingettes and drumettes. These guys aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, they’re just trying to serve up simple, tasty Korean friend chicken with sides like coleslaw, salad, fries, and our favourite, tornado potato (you know those swirly fries you see on a stick at festivals sometimes). For those with a sweet tooth, the green tea and black sesame soft serve always go down a treat.

NeNe currently operate 5 stores across Melbourne, with our favourite being the Elizabeth Street spot due to its long opening hours which come in handy when we’re after a late night fried chicken hit...