South Korea's cult fried chicken chain opens in Sydney

Korean fried chicken has wedged its well-deserved place in Australian dining with the same ferocity as its Nashville counterpart. The proof is in the numbers; KFC joints have hatched all over the country - Sydney’s Arisun and Chicken Institute have become mainstays just like Melbourne’s Gami and Bornga.

In South Korea, NeNe Chicken is one of the country’s popular food chains, with over 1,000 outlets across the country.

Translating to “Yes, Yes” in Korean, NeNe's popularity is threefold: there's the marinade that the chook sits in for 16 hours, imparting its signature pepperiness and extracting maximum moisture out of the bird; the batter mix, which – like the marinade – is flown straight from South Korea; and finally, the punch-in-the-face sauces...